About The Chroniclers

Well, let us set the table for you. We are not professional food critics. We are not chefs. We don’t have our own TV show. We are simply a [very] hardworking couple from New England (well, mostly… more on that later) who truly love and appreciate great food. Since we have so little time off, we typically try to jam an entire weekend’s worth of downtime into a few precious hours on most Sundays. We’ll load our bikes onto the car, and head out for 30-40 mile rides to relaxing locales that help us “fill up our tank” for the coming week.

Earlier this year, after seeing a Travel Channel show that featured a famous lobster roll joint on the coast of Maine, we chose to give it a try. We were so pleased with our decision that we decided to try a new lobster roll location the following weekend. And so began the Lobster Roll Chronicles.

It’s important to point out that we never set out on “a mission.” It never occurred to us that we were engaging in a quest to find the Best Lobster Roll in New England. But, after many weeks of scrumptious Sunday sojourns, we realized we were collecting some pretty valuable data that our yankee friends (that’s a small “y” for those of you in NY) might find valuable. The qualifier here is that our 2012 results are admittedly less scientific than you should expect from us next year. But, we chose to share our results based on “gut feel,” with a plan to adopt a more scientific review criteria for next year.

OK, about the “mostly from New England” comment. One of us was born and raised here. This person has never lived anywhere else, but has traveled extensively. In addition, this New England native used to keep a string of lobster pots about 10 miles off the New England coast, so there’s a fair amount of expertise when it comes to our friend Homarus Americanus. The other of us has also traveled extensively, but grew up in the mid-Atlantic. In fact, when we first met, this person was living in Maryland and, at times, the very future of the relationship hinged on the retrospectively rediculous “Lobster vs. Crab” argument.

All ended well! After moving north and becoming indoctrinated into the “truth” about our king of crustaceans, this person is now a competent, passionate purveyor of knowledge and opinions associated with our exoskeletal edibles from the deep.

So, there you go. We hope you enjoy this blog and, as always, we’re very happy to have you comment and recommend.


T&P of the LRC!

PS: Visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LobsterRollChronicles!


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  1. denis ⋅

    Is there a way to search the site?

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