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Profile: “HARRASEEKET LUNCH AND LOBSTER” in South Freeport, ME

Harraseeket Lunch & LobsterHarraseeket Lunch & Lobster was the first stop on a multi-roll day, and we arrived about 15-minutes before they opened so we had an opportunity to see the staff getting ready for a busy day. The parking lot attendant getting ready to manage traffic flow was in stark contrast to quiet harbor setting that greeted us at 10:45 a.m. At 11:00 a.m. the order window opened and we were greeted by very friendly staff who truly looked as if they were enjoying their job. We grabbed some seats by the water to watched islanders board a small ferry while waiting for our roles.

Harraseeket runs in a peleton of Maine’s best lobster roll joints. We knew we were getting into the “best of the best” of traditional lobster rolls, and we had to be very cognizant of the fact these place could start to wash together if we weren’t careful. Yet, there no escaping that at this level the competition gets very tight. With this said, Harraseeket definitely belongs on the leader board.

These rolls came through with a beautifully toasted split-top roll, and lots of delicious knuckle, claw and tail meat. The lobster is dressed with a bit of mayo, but not too much. And the role is lined with a lettuce leaf – not your shredded iceberg lettuce, but a nice whole green leaf. Leaving the “Does lettuce belong in a lobster roll?” debate aside, this was a nice touch.

We really liked the Harraseeket lobster roll, and had we not made a stop at Red’s Eats an hour later, we may have rated Harraseeket a bit higher. But in the end, we give Harraseeket a RECOMMENDED rating. Here’s how they stacked up (0-100):

  • T’s Rating: 86
  • P’s Rating: 85
  • AVERAGE: 85.5

Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster is located at 36 Main Street in South Freeport, ME. WEBSITE: PHONE (LUNCH): 207.865.4888. PHONE (LOBSTER): 207.865.3535. Check their schedule, as Harrasseket Lobster & Lunch is a seasonal business.

Harraseeket Lobster Roll

A very good lobster roll, as fresh as they come!


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